Danny for San Diego City Council


“Vote Danny for San Diego City Council 2018.” 

“San Diego deserves experienced leadership who can move San Diego forward, advocate for our communities, and fight for the working families of San Diego. Daniel Smiechowski has 50 year’s of experience and is exactly the kind of leader we need.”











Daniel “Danny” Smiechowski was born on Christmas Eve 1953 in the City of Churches, Milwaukee, Wisconsin to an Italian Mother and Polish Father. His Mother lived through the Normandy Invasion and RAF bombings of her hometown in Le Havre, France. Danny’s parents were married in Normandy shortly after the war.

Danny brings an international flavor to the San Diego City Council having travelled the world many times. He believes in unification not division, cooperation not discord and will serve as a bridge to sound government between both political parties. His votes as member of the Claremont Community Planning Group reflect a common sense, reasonable and fiscally judicious politician working in the public trust.

Danny has been dubbed the most interesting and diverse candidate to perhaps ever run for San Diego City Council. You will not be disappointed in his leadership and we cordially invite you to join us.

Thank you, Group of 1000 to elect Daniel “Danny” Smiechowski to San Diego City Council.



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